Teaching Philosophy


Joëlle Baudouin uses the COMMUNICATIVE LANGUAGE TEACHING method.

Foreign languages used to be taught with the grammar-translation or the audio-lingual (drills and pattern practice) approach. By the 1970’s, educators and linguists had become dissatisfied with these methods. They felt that students were not learning to communicate in the culture of the language studied.  In the 1980’s, COMMUNICATE LANGUAGE TEACHING had become the method of choice. 

What is communicative language teaching?

This approach emphasizes communication in real-life situations through activities such as role play, pair work, games, songs, etc.

The target language is almost strictly used by the teacher. Students are active participants in the learning process. The emphasis is on using language that is “natural” to native speakers. Grammar is taught in context and only as it helps communicate a message.

Communicative language teaching requires a lot of creativity on the part of the teacher. Joëlle Baudouin has been thriving on it for 25 years, and her greatest joy is to see her students gain self-confidence and actually succeed at speaking a foreign language.  

Joëlle has experience teaching children, too. She also specializes in tutoring high school and college students and in test preparation. She has taught TOEFL and SAT preparation to international tennis players applying for scholarships at American universities.


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