What Joëlle’s Students Are Saying



"Joelle taught me both first year and second year French in one year and continued for two more years to help me get my
international diploma. I'm now currently at UF. Without her, I
wouldn't have survived French." MC

“Joëlle was in all aspects an outstanding teacher. … What I liked most about Joëlle was her sincere interest in helping her students. I would most highly recommend her to anyone who has an interest in improving or learning English or French as a second language.” JB


 “Joëlle made me feel confident that I could actually speak.” SB


 “I was most impressed by Joëlle’s patience and professionalism. She presents the lessons so that I can comprehend easily.”  DS


  “Joëlle is delightful to work with. It’s such fun to learn.” EK






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